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There’s a gold rush happening on Facebook, and we’ve got the #1 tool online to extract it! Social Lead Freak is a tool like no other.

Odds are… If you failed at marketing on Facebook, it’s because your social media marketing strategy is flawed and outdated.

When marketing on Facebook (and other social media sites), you MUST narrow your audience down to those most interested and passionate within the niche you’re targeting.

Social Lead Freak Allows You to Customize Your Audience

With Social Lead Freak, you can infiltrate and extract those most passionate within (almost) any niche and directly advertise to them on Facebook.

With Social Lead Freak, you can virtually extract up to ~ 5000 leads on any open Facebook group at a time (in seconds), and all active members of any Facebook fan page.

Because users who generally belong to groups are likely to be more passionate than those who merely “like” any particular page, you can expect your leads to be WAY MORE targeted than broadly choosing any general page on Facebook relating to the niche you wish to market to.

When you extract users from Facebook fan pages, Social Lead Freak will only focus on those who are most active (primarily honing in on those who care enough to comment).

As you can imagine, people who leave comments on Facebook are likely to be the most passionate about the niche.

People who leave comments are THE ONES MOST LIKELY TO OPEN THEIR MOUTHS AND SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. They are usually the most outgoing.

Wouldn’t it be cool to simply target those most passionate and most likely to talk about your products??? 

And wouldn’t be even cooler to advertise solely to those likely to purchase your products or services and opt in to your lists???

Well, now you have that option…

Social Lead Freak can literally save (and make) you LOTS of money with your social media advertising.

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If you’re serious about marketing on Facebook, don’t hesitate to get your hands on this software, before we close the doors forever!

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